Mission & Values

Our Mission:

The Branch supports individuals with psychiatric, developmental or intellectual disabilities, helping them to live, learn, work and socialize as valued members of the community.

The Branch Key Values:

All of the programs of The Branch share these important underlying values:

  • They enhance the dignity and self-worth of each person served,
  • They encourage personal growth, skill building, independence and individual choice,
  • They assist individuals in becoming valued, contributing and involved members of the community,
  • They provide assistance and support of the highest quality without time limit,
  • They offer a culturally rich, Jewish environment that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds,
  • They build upon the strengths of each individual and help restore a sense of hope for the present and for the future.

“The Branch not only connected my son with safe and affordable housing and people who would become close friends, it also connected me with a supportive group of parents. Neither of us would be alone any longer.”

– Ellen Berne

We Work With Individuals, Families, & The Community

Supportive Living Program

Serves adults with chronic & persistent mental illness and/or developmental disabilities by providing comprehensive individualized support.

Families in Transition

The Branch initiative designed to support individuals who are eager to assume more independence but who need considerable support.

Sally and Howard Levin Clubhouse

A licensed psychiatric and social rehabilitation program helping people who’s lives have been interupted by mental illneess lead rewarding, meaningful lives.

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2609 Murray Avenue, Suite 201, Pittsburgh, PA 15217