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Your legacy gift is a simple and meaningful way to help ensure that the important work of The Branch can continue. In Addition, the act of creating a legacy is empowering and gives you a sense of personal satisfaction. It

• Impart your values to your family and community

• Be a part of something larger than yourself

• Make a gift in the future that you might not be in a position to make today

The Branch Legacy Society is a group of individuals who are committed to ensuring that people with psychiatric, intellectual, and developmental disabilities continue to be supported in a dignified and inclusive way. By joining the Legacy Society, you will…

• Enable The Branch to continue providing quality services and supports long into the future;

• Support the idea that people with psychiatric, intellectual, and developmental disabilities have a need to be included in community life just like everyone else;

• Contribute to the shifting perceptions about people with disabilities.

For more information please contact Caitlin Lasky, Director of Development and Communications, at 412-325-0039 or

Please remember The Branch with a gift in your will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy.

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Thank You to Our Current Life & Legacy Donors

 Marilyn Ashkin

Drew & Jan Barkley

Lindsey Braem

Harriet Baum

Lauren and Nate Boczkowski

Curt Brooks

William (z”l) and Judy L. Cohen

Gary and Amy Dubin

Nancy S. Elman, Ph.D.

Jay Fingeret

Rachel Firestone

Cheryl Fogarty

Nancy Gale & Dave Duggins

Sharon Gretz

Mr. Alexander S. Heit

Maggie Brown

Michael Hogan

Alison and Josh Karabin

Scott Kallick

Mr. Larry King and Ms. Barbara Krause

Kathy Krause

Joseph Lasky

Caitlin Lasky

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Leff

Michael H. and Anne Levin

Robert Levin and Kelly Bron

Dr. Paul Pitts and Dr. Lorrie Rabin

Andrew and Rita Rabin

Josh and Debbie Resnick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenthal

Debby Rubin

Paul and Deborah Rudoy

Chris Sienko

Lisa Silberman

Leonard Silk

Mr. David J. Slesnick and Ms. Gerri L. Sperling

Edward Solomon

Mr. William S. Stein

Richard and Sharon Sweet

Gary and Nancy Tuckfelt

Jeff and Judy G. Tobe