JRS is now The Branch:

Taking Inclusion to New Heights

We’re still the same organization that has always been trusted by the Pittsburgh community. Our new name, “The Branch,” better represents our growth and expanded commitment to taking inclusion to new heights.

Our name might be new, but our mission remains the same:

To support individuals with psychiatric, intellectual or developmental disabilities, helping them to live, learn, work and socialize as valued members of the community.

But why "The Branch"?

As an organization, we are like a strong tree branch, providing strength to all who need it. But this “branch” does more than simply provide strength; it provides a positive, safe environment to those we serve so they can confidently reach new heights and their full potential.

We help get lives and the community to a more inclusive place.

Building on our proud heritage as JRS, The Branch is taking on a more expansive role for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those with mental health diagnoses needing support to live independently. Now more than ever we are providing life-changing services that empower each individual to be a valued member of their community, making that community a more inclusive place overall.

This is what taking inclusion to new heights looks like.

Sally and Howard Levin Clubhouse

Through the Sally and Howard Levin Clubhouse, The Branch gives those living with mental health diagnoses a safe, welcoming and constructive environment so they can lead more rewarding and meaningful lives.

Supportive Living Program

The Branch promotes independence for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We do this by providing comprehensive individualized support that enables those we serve to reach greater independence.

Families in Transition

The Branch helps families and their loved ones living with disabilities who eagerly crave independence to confidently achieve it through education, resources and support. We do this by providing programming to three community living homes in partnership with Verland, an organization that operates residences for individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Jewish Singles Social Network

Helping bring adults with disabilities together in a positive social group is what this singles network is all about. Whether it’s dinner at a local restaurant or just a simple gathering, this group is both fun and supportive.