Our Impact

We impact individual lives…and the entire community.

Building on our proud heritage as JRS, The Branch is taking on a more expansive role for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those living with mental illness. Now more than ever, we are providing transformative services that empower each individual to live more independently and as a valued member of their community—making our community more inclusive.

Impact is a personal thing.

Just ask our participants and you’re likely to hear how The Branch helps them navigate independent living. They might tell you how we helped them identify and cultivate meaning in their lives through rewarding work, a close circle of friends, and treasured Jewish traditions and holiday observances. They value how The Branch makes it possible to be close to their favorite coffee shops, restaurants, shops, movie theaters, synagogues, and the JCC. And they feel secure knowing The Branch will provide the support that makes that all possible throughout their lives.

“I love meeting with staff every week. I find it beneficial because my staff helps me stay independent and helps me a lot.”

—“C,”— Supported Living client

It’s also a family affair.

Talk to the parents of individuals who participate in The Branch programs and receive services and you’ll quickly learn just how much value The Branch brings to families. In addition to providing much-needed support for their adult children The Branch addresses the worry aging parents often have as they contemplate who will care for their child when they are no longer able.  

“The Branch not only connected my son with safe and affordable housing and people who would become close friends, it also connected me with a supportive group of parents. Neither of us would be alone any longer.”

– Ellen Berne

The broader community knows.

If you visit a local nonprofit, thrift shop, or any other organization where The Branch members or participants work or volunteer, you’ll hear how much these individuals give back to the community. Talk to area residents at large, and they’ll tell you about The Branch’s role in reshaping perceptions about people with disabilities and promoting inclusion and appreciation of diversity.

Donating gives back to donors, too.

If you talk to individuals who have contributed to The Branch, you will hear about how good it feels to help people live more fulfilling and connected lives. How rewarding it is to be part of something larger than themselves, something lasting. And how satisfying it is to know that these gifts can help The Branch realize its mission for many years to come. See the many valuable ways you can donate, or donate now.

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