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If you or a loved one is living with a psychiatric, developmental, or intellectual disability and you are ready to explore effective ways to move forward, we’re here for you. Just complete the short form and we can help you discover:


  • Specialized services and programs that are right for you
  • Opportunities to live with greater independence
  • Ways to socialize, learn, serve, and build self-confidence
  • Chances to blossom and grow as valued members of the community
  • Valuable support and guidance for families
  • And more

How we help:

The Branch empowers adults living with intellectual or developmental disabilities or chronic mental illness that can make it challenging for them to live independently and fully. The following is an overview of the amazing people we proudly serve.

Adults living with mental illness.

The Branch offers an accredited Clubhouse program for adults (age 18+) living with a mental health diagnosis such as Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, or Schizophrenia.

If you’re an adult living with a mental health diagnosis and are looking
for a welcoming and supportive community,
The Branch’s Sally & Howard Levin Clubhouse gives you:

  • A safe and supportive place to go where members are needed, wanted, and counted on

  • Opportunities to learn and teach new skills

  • A chance to strengthen social and vocational abilities and build self-confidence

  • A proven model adhered to by more than 300 clubhouses worldwide

  • A licensed psychiatric and social rehabilitation program

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The Branch’s Sally and Howard Levin Clubhouse

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If you are a relative of an adult child who requires 24/7 support to live in the community,
The Branch’s Community and Partnerships program (formerly Families in Transition) offers:

  • Education for families, including how to access resources
    (support center)

  • Connection to other families for advice and support
    (Family Forum)

  • Specialized partnership programs (JOY, Clubhouse After Hours, I Volunteer, CLA liaison)

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Community and Partnerships

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If you’re a family member supporting, or an adult living with a mental health diagnosis or intellectual and/or developmental disability and you are looking for person-centered support to maintain independent living,
The Branch’s Supported Living program provides:

  • Individualized support at home to identify barriers and find ways to overcome them

  • Help with life skills such as self-care, cooking, and money management

  • Opportunities for social engagement and community involvement

  • Guidance that fosters personal strengths and promotes self-advocacy

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Supported Living

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