Review: He’s My Brother

Review: He’s My Brother

This documentary is a candid, moving exploration of one family’s efforts to ensure a rich, dignified life for Peter, born with multiple disabilities.  Peter, 30 years old, is deaf, blind and has autism. His sister Christine describes how he experiences his world exclusively through touch, smell, and taste.  Numerous family films chronicle her tender relationship with him throughout their childhood.  The documentary demonstrates the very loving ways the family provides a rich, connected and stimulating environment for Peter in the face of significant challenges, and their struggles to find a setting which will assure him a dignified life once the parents are gone. Christine and her mother openly discuss her uncertainties about one day becoming his primary caregiver. While documenting the failings of government systems to provide adequate support to individuals like Peter, the film is also a testament to the fierce devotion of family caregivers. 

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